Crafts in Lombok

To be able to travel to beautiful locations in Lombok, you will not really cost very much. You can rent a car in Lombok which will take you around Lombok Island. Simply you sit in the car, then you will be served exotic places of this region. The beauty and panorama of the island of Lombok Island is not only amaze the people of Mataram, but also various walks of life in Central Lombok and East Lombok even foreign tourists.
You can also hunt a variety of craft / handicraft typical of Lombok. Lombok handicrafts are very diverse. In Senggigi Art Market this area a number of handicraft such as pottery can be found from Banyumulek and Penunjak, woven from Sukarare (Kab. Central Lombok), wood from Sesela (Kab. West Lombok), and the pearl of Sekotong (West Lombok).
Banyumulek village, West Lombok district which is about 6 km from the city of Mataram, there are various lombok handicraft of earthenware products. Bermacama knick-knacks like candlesticks or a display table at a price of Rp 5,000 to a large jug with a price hundreds of thousands. See craft and handicraft lombok island wholesale.
Other pottery lombok handicraft center that could be implemented is Penunjak Village, Central Lombok regency, about 1.5 hours from the city of Mataram. Lombok pottery has a characteristic brown and black, usually sold woven grass or rattan accents, such as mortar jars, and jugs with a price that varied up to hundreds of thousands.
To craft a wooden or earthenware called cukli sold together with a variety of sizes shapes. Woodcraft cukli of small, such as cigarette ashtrays sold for Rp 20,000, while, chests carved shells cukli reached Rp 500,000 rupiah per fruit. Up to Rp 10 million rupiah per set along with her desk chair.
Some special stalls selling a variety of crafts woven fabric. Lombok shades of clothing. There is a type of weaving tangar (handmade), some are made with machines. The difference is made with a coarser texture engine. They cost from Rp 100,000 handicraft lombok s / d Rp 300,000. The form is a form of wall hangings, tablecloths and cloth length while T-shirts, beach cloth, and hats that are sold are usually pictorial lizard, or the feel of the beach with a choice of colors with prices ranging from Rp 20,000.
Pearls are sold, but on display in the window is usually brought by traders using the box around to hear. There also are sold per item or material has been assembled with silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The price ranges between $ 20,000 s / d Rp 3 million dollars.


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